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Arkansas Environmental Education Resources Directory

The outdoors are a resource for learning, engagement, and health, and it should be available to all, not just a privileged few.  Arkansas’s community-based environmental and outdoor education programs offer some solutions to challenges schools face now and in the future. As with any strategy, these recommendations will not fully address all of the challenges facing schools. But environmental and outdoor education programs present promising tools for schools and districts and are essential partners in creating a more just and sustainable future for all.

The Arkansas Environmental Education Resources Directory is a work in progress.  We are working quickly to gather information and make this available to schools and communities.  Please continue to check back frequently.

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How Environmental and Outdoor Education Can Help Schools This Fall

The eeGuidance for Reopening Schools, a new publication which offers support to schools and districts as they find ways to safely reopen their schools, was developed in collaboration with the North American Association for Environmental Education and partners around the country.  This guidance outlines several specific areas where environmental and outdoor education programs can help schools, students, teachers and families. The following areas are expanded upon in the eeGuidance:

  • Extending and Expanding Learning Spaces into the Community
  • Using the School Grounds for Learning
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning
  • Creating Healthier Learning Environments
  • Virtual Teaching and Learning
  • Supporting At-Home Learning

Read the eeGuidance for Reopening Arkansas Schools Document

Over the next few weeks, AEEA will be working with the environmental and outdoor education community around the state to include specific Arkansas resources for the eeGuidance document.

Covid-19 Outdoor Learning

Schools across the United States are facing an uphill battle as they figure out how to navigate COVID-19 physical distancing requirements that will allow students to return to campus. There is an urgent need to reimagine PreK-12 schools in order to reopen safely and equitably. Repurposing outdoor spaces is a cost-effective way to reduce the burden on indoor classrooms while providing fresh air, hands-on learning opportunities, and the health benefits associated with increased access to nature.

National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative