Help Needed for two short term committees

AEEA Mini-grant Committee

The mini-grant committee will be comprised of volunteers from the general membership and at least one member from the Board of Directors who will act as committee chair.  Committee members will be provided with a digital copy of each grant application and a scoring matrix. Members will individually read and score each application and provide their completed scoring matrix to the committee chair.  Compiled scores will determine the applications to be awarded.

Work for this committee will occur between October 15 – November 15.  All work can be conducted via email and phone. Time commitment under 15 hours.  Committee members and Board members are ineligible to apply for grant funds.

AEEA expects committee members to handle each application with respect and professionalism.   

If interested in serving on this committee, email


Website Redesign Committee

AEEA is looking for two to three members to assist with ideas on updates to our website.  This committee will provide feedback and suggestions on the design elements of the website.  If you have experience with websites or graphic design, this will be a great way to support AEEA through volunteer time and expertise.  Work will occur September 18th through October 8th and will be conducted via phone and email. Time commitment is under 10 hours.

If interested in serving on this committee, email